Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morgan the Brave

Today we're welcoming a new addition to the household. Whimsy's Swiftsure Pyrat Pistol came home with me last night. Also known more commonly to his fans as Morgan the Brave. He's a beautiful, beautiful whippet puppy. It has been eight years since I had a baby puppy. Amazing how much you forget, and how much comes back to you. I guess it's like riding a bike. And he is brave. This morning he tried to climb in the dishwasher. He thinks the fridge is cool. (no pun intended) He thinks cats are very strange dogs indeed. His greatest wish is to be able to climb Mount Sofa with the other dogs. It will come eventually.

For now, he's Morgan the Tired...


kclynn89 said...

He's adorable. Yes it's amazing how you forget about puppies. I am learning that 9 month old puppies are stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.... Just when my patience starts to wear thin and I think of sending her off to live w/ Somali pirates - she looks up at me w/ those damn big brown eyes.... All is forgiven. :)

Patience-please said...

Writer's block sucks big rotten eggs. But I'm just guessing that one whippet puppy is the cure.
I'm distressed that we didn't get to visit in Atlanta. But I wasn't really there.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, he is gorgeous! I cannot wait to read about his puppy adventures. I guess I should go and visit Trader ASAP before he loses his "puppy". I miss puppies :( Cara

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