Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Blog For You Today

Because I am whippet racing in Canada. Or, more accurately, the Tara-rizer is training to race, Morgan the Bold is enjoying some bonding time with his litter-brother, Cruz, and I am line-judging the race meet. Nikeinstein stayed home with Rob.

And, as usual, Environment Canada lied again. It's been bleeping cold. Yesterday afternoon did manage to be sunny and pleasant, just about the time we finished up. At least it isn't SNOWING!

Hopefully today will be warmer.

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Knatolee said...

Environment Canada is always lying! Well, yesterday they were right. They said 27C and it was 28C! Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 30C. We shall see... I took my sandals and capri pants out of storage yesterday.

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