Monday, April 27, 2009

So Much For My Vacation Plans

I'm SO disappointed. I cannot go nude hiking in the Swiss Alps anymore. One used to be able to do so, apparently a popular activity with German tourists, but the politically correct and clothing-obsessed Swiss have put a ki-bosh on the activity. These are the same people who brought us fine chocolate, first-class time-keeping devices, and a banking system that is the envy of the world. Isn't Switzerland also the home of peaceful neutrality?

Well, yes. But only if you're dressed.

The fine for hiking with only boots and socks is roughly $176 US dollars. But what if I wanted to hike in my bulletproof bra and Vickie's Secret boy shorts? Would the Swiss object?

Suspiciously, the state in Switzerland imposing this ban, Appenzell, voted in their public square by a show of hands. Now I have a theory here. I think someone should check and see if the Wenger and Victorinox people were in town. Because they're the folks with the bias. Could extortion be at work? Did the citizens of Appenzell have their sensibilities influenced under duress? I think an investigation in order.

Wenger and Victorinox need people to have pockets. Or at least a belt, in order to use their product. Because no good hiker leaves home without their Swiss Army Knife. And hiking nude with a swiss army knife just can't be a good idea.


When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Maybe the nude hiking could be saved with the use of a decent fanny pack or backpack??

karisma said...

Oh well, they have no such rules down here on our Mountains, feel free to help yourself. Mind you make sure you come get me first so I can photograph the event! "Blog fodder" you know! LOL

Connollycvut said...

Maybe the nude hiking could be saved with the use of a decent fanny pack or backpack??

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