Friday, April 24, 2009

Borborygmus & Other Things My Nephews Love

It has come to my attention that y-chromosome blessed humans enjoy a peculiar sense of humor when it comes to what we shall call "bodily functions".

I envy this. I really do. Can you imagine how delightful the world would be if every fart cracked you up? Or to be so fortuitous as to be able to belch the alphabet? These gifted individuals are the Andy Warhols of the ESPN set.

I can't even whistle. Appropos of nothing relevant here.

This brings us to the case of a West Virgina man, originally pulled over for a broken headlight and smelling of alcohol, who was further charged with battery after farting in the direction of the cop who administered the breathalyzer test.

According to the MSNBC story, all involved originally remained true to their genetic predispositions and found the matter hysterically funny. For some reason, however, the police later decided that the incident in question was actually insulting and provoking and brought the battery charge. Perhaps the suspect was unable to belch the alphabet into the breathalyzer. Andy would have understood the fleeting nature of such success. Borborygmus will only get you so far.

Borborygmus - noun: A rumbling noise caused by the movement of gas through the intestines.
I have nothing further. My tummy is rumbling.


Deb said...

did you happen to see the recent "South Park" episode on this particular subject (ie male enjoyment of their eructations, female reactions to it, and female revenge of their own?) It was completely politically incorrect as usual, and laugh out loud funny. It will be available on May 2 to watch online, but you can get a hint of what it's about by looking at the title here (lurkers, do not click the link if you are easily offended!)
South Park Studios

Debagain said...

ps you can read more about said episode here:
Wikipedia on said South Park Episode!

Jenn And The City said...

You know I almost used a South Park graphic for this post....

karisma said...

Ah but isnt that typical of a man? Its only funny if HE is doing it! Mind you around here, one of my girls is as bad as the boys with her loud and proud toots! Her sisters and mama just shake our heads, we don't know where she came from!!!!

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