Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Creative Idea....

Anyone out there want to help me out and give me some writing subjects? You give me subject, I write a blog about it.

Instant cure for the dreaded WB!


The Daily Blonde said...

that's a tall order. I'd say that you should write about Cap'n Crunch but that's yesterday's news. about I give you a few word. You pick one and write whatever comes to mind? I've had some great ideas lately but can't get the words down. Must be the


No idea how to help you were the words that came to my empty head.

PTA said...

Hey, there! Long time no hear from....

Silly story, might not help, but I'm dying to tell someone.

Making plans for out So. Cal trip next month. Went online and made campsite reservations @ Joshua Tree National Park through the central website for all things National Park. When finished I received a confirmation and noticed they still have my address from Lynnwood, WA. I was concerned that since it didn't match the billing address for my credit card it might get kicked out. So, I called the toll free number for customer service listed, chatted with a female drone with no personality to be sure my campsite would still be there when I arrive. She assured me that if I had received the confirmation that everything did, indeed, go through properly and she would be happy to update my address for future reference. Yada, yada all of this is fine. But, wait....then it happened.
"What is your current address?"

Me: P.O. Box yada yada.

"What is your zip code?"

Me: 99615.

"Is that in Washington?"

Me: No, that is Alaska.

"And what country would that be in?"


Me: That would be the United States of America!

And she works for the National Parks Reservation System!

Anonymous said...

ok here ya go -

...unexplainably, I encountered a large silver mixing spoon in the middle of the road....

can't wait to hear the rest of the story before and after this tidbit

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Juicy details from all of the stuff you write about in your profile is always fun. :)

I wanted to let you know that I'm moving my show to wordpress! Come check me out at

PLEASE DELETE THIS COMMENT after you update your reader!


The blogger formerly known as Ms. Florida Transplant :)

karisma said...

I know, you could make up stories about why I am not blogging! What could I be up to all day?

I'll give you some clues...

Climbing mountains,
sliding down water falls,
rolling around on giant balls at the park
building castles from junk
torturing kids you know the uusal LOL

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