Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wasted Wednesday

6am: Anyone seen the spare pair of bitches britches?

8am: Call in comatose to work. At least "comatose" isn't "suicidally panicked". On the other hand, comatose isn't really a lifestyle either. Definitely need meds adjusted.

10am: Contemplate doing laundry

11am: Write totally off the wall blog. Avoided Alice in Wonderland references.

12pm: Nappy time

3pm: Ugh. Brush teeth.

4pm: Do laundry. Discover bitch in season generates more laundry than paintballing teenager.

4:30pm: Cell phone rings. Not mine. Phone display indicates that call coming in is from "piss poor cell". I'm not sure which friend of Rob or Nick that is. Refrain from answering "Hiya, Piss Poor!"

5pm: Take next dose of Stepford Jenn med. Watch Curious George on t.v.

Good thing I go to the specialist tomorrow.

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