Monday, January 26, 2009

The Muse in a 12 Step Program

Must write something. Must write something. Must write something. No brain waves. Brain is tired. Brain is burned out on the new drugs. Now I no longer panic, I sit in a catatonic lump unable to motivate beyond the couch and the "What Not To Wear" re-runs. Oh yes, I get up to change Tara's panties every so often. Owning a dog is so therapeutic.

Somewhere there is a happy medium - there must be.

Maybe I'll start by changing to "As The World Turns".

Ooohhh. Even better, I could take the dogs for a walk. Healthy, stimulating, motivated. Efffing COLD! You been outside around here lately?

I think I'm actually almost there. Tomorrow I go into the office with the grand service dog in his official vest. By then I shall have adjusted a bit more to the meds. I will wear a cute skirt and fabulous boots. Stacy London will be SO happy. I will probably slide down Madison Avenue on my a$$ when the grand service dog spots a pigeon. Library patrons can wave as I go by.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's story - it ought to be a good one.


PeachMelba said...

Be careful out there on Madison Jenn! I didn't realize you worked so close to me.


When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Ah yes, pigeons! Had that problem quite a bit when Miss Becca had to trave downtown during her "feminine time" and I wasn't working at home yet. (oh and her eagerness to meet everyone in the crosswalks! - my left arm has never been the same!). You looked good on Saturday and sound good. Catatonic is better than where you were. Just now need some time etc etc

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