Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Penguins in Asia

I have four "guys" in my kitchen playing "Risk". Aside from the need to describe the situation in quotes, this isn't too bad. Yet.

The tin of Wal-Mart flavored popcorn is nearly gone. The Costco tub of red licorice is half-demolished. Howard Jones blares on my iTouch. Get Smart blares from the living room t.v. where my poor (pause, while JATC determines relationship) b/f's ex-wifes, son from first marriage's wife (otherwise known as Annie) is watching t.v. Annie is delightful, she has Nike and Tara wrapped under blankets watching t.v. with her. Annie is also a vet tech - she "gets" the whippets.

Rob is "out" of the Risk game. Brandon (ex's son), Travis (ex's current hubby) and Nick (their son) are still playing. Everyone but Nick has been drinking Crown and Coke (legally).

I'm interrupted from Twitter and Blogger with the Risk related question "Are there Penguins in Asia?" I'm not sure what that's got to do with the game, but given the Crown, I can work with it.

Rob has overturned his bar-stool, Nick's bodily functions are not fit for company, and Brandon has had about a half/pint of Crown. Just another Saturday Night at JATC.

For anyone wondering, there are NO penguins in Asia...


Patience-please said...

And you're wondering why you're having panic attacks???? Good to know about the penguins, though.

The Daily Blonde said...

My answer: who really cares about the Penguins in Asia.....the question interrupted your Twitter time.

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

It's the licorice that really affects the bodily functions - especially if black - I'd cut that option out next time!!

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