Friday, January 30, 2009

An Invitation to Play Croquet

Well, now here's an odd position to be in. (Nothing to do with Downward Dog or a Cat Stretch).

I've been beatching for months about not having time to write my Fabulous book (Called "Death at First Sight") for anyone who cares. I have a job, a family, two dogs, two cats, a goldfish, two floods, two subsequent remodels, two dead bats, a deck to build, a hot tub, a motorhome and car that seem prone to breaking, a vacation to plan, an exercise routine, a house that wants cleaning, a dog that wants showing, and hair to dry. Periodically, I wander through the motions of a blog. On top of all that, my brain decided it was a good time to have panic attacks, along with some little disassociative moments that are as yet inexplicable.

So, today, I find myself with time. Medically imposed time by a doctor who decided I could either take a break or "else". I didn't inquire about the "else". "Else" doesn't sound like somewhere you can bring your dogs or your laptop. "Walk your dogs" she said. "Get some fresh air and exercise that way". "Do one house project a day". "Learn how to relax."

Hahahahahahahaha. You gotta be freakin' kiddin me? Relax? I can't even find the word in the dictionary. However. Here I sit, with my driving privileges essentially revoked and strictly prohibited from going to work. I walked the dogs, scooped poop, did some laundry, and the dishes. So now I'm going to indulge myself and write. I have all afternoon, and a goal of 2000 words.

Cheer me on! DAFS, Chap. 1


Mary Moore said...

Go Go Go!!!!! Write write write!! :o)

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

If you need lessons in learning how to relax you should spend more time with me!

And I'm sure (if writing is at all like painting) it may take you a little while to get back into it but I hope your writing afternoon turned out well. And don't stress if it didn't!!

Mo said...

I LOVE relaxing, it's what I do best! LOL Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it also. :-)

Melissa said...

Heck, I haven't gotten past my prologue, so go, girl, go!

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