Monday, February 16, 2009

Jenn vs. Brain

Last Wednesday I blogged a reprimmand to my brain for misbehavior and conduct unbecoming a brain with the responsibility of managing my life. Kind of a "mind over mind" attempt.

Saturday I got to Fred Meyer and discovered that I had six blue primroses in my cart and no good idea of what I was doing there. Imagine that all of a sudden instead of being present in your life, you're watching a real-time video of yourself. The difficulty really, is the lack of a script. Really, if I was quick-witted enough at these moments I could pretend I was in a Christopher Guest movie about myself and probably do just fine.

Jennifer is learning to adjust to these moments. She has her cel phone, she knows she's not too far from home. Why is Jennifer at Fred Meyer? To buy primroses? That doesn't seem quite right, although she likes them and she has a place for them at home. She looks at Valentines Day boxer shorts. That doesn't seem quite right either.

Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer. Jennifer's brain, watching through the Jenn-cam, reminds her that she bought really cool greyhound statues here before Christmas. She makes her way to the home decor department and checks out those aisles. No greyhounds.

Memo back to the brain. That's not why Jennifer's here. Politely invite brain to re-join the life-party. Brain IMs back that no-thanks, it's too scary. Jennifer wanders the aisles for a few minutes, hoping to convince brain that Fred Meyer is not Freddy Krueger.

Brain slowly starts to re-associate. The Jenn-cam dissolves, and I start thinking in first-person again. White-boards. I wanted white boards. Since I'm practically standing in the white board aisle, my sub-conscious clearly knew something.

Okay, Brain. I'm starting to catch on to you and your little game. Watch out. I'm smarter than you are....


The Daily Blonde said...

oh I have that same brain...I'm afraid to admit that I walk into a store constantly and say, "why did I come here and what did I need??"



Anonymous said...

This sounds like a question for Philosophy 101......"Why am I here?"

Patience-please said...

Glad you're back, glad you're feeling better. Jelly Beans are always a good idea. Do they come chocolate covered?

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