Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's my word of the day today. It means:

MEANING:noun: A prohibition, especially a formal one, as by a court, church, etc.verb tr.: To prohibit or stop. (courtesy

Use in sentence:

I'm interdicting Stan from going outside with Tara in the morning. It's freakin' freezing out there, and Stan doesn't come when he's called. He runs and hides under the deck and laughs at me in his evil little cat chuckle. Then just when I give up and I'm settled with my coffee, he decides he's cold and he wants back in.

Therefore, Stan is formally interdicted from playing hide and seek with JATC at 6am.

Did everyone learn something? Everyone but Stan, probably.


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The Daily Blonde said...

there are so many more definitions I have for this word but I'll keep it clean

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