Thursday, February 5, 2009

All Terrain Brain...

Allloooo Blogland!

I'm writing to you because I'm cleverly avoiding Chapter 3. Chapter 3 is a transitional chapter, and those are the hardest to write. We've arrived at the setting, we've discovered the crime, we've introduced some main characters, so now the weaving begins; plot, backstory, real clues, red herrings, sub-characters. My GPS is now "not on the digitized road".

Time to engage the writer's 4wd.



Patience-please said...

I tagged you. Hope that brings you some (well deserved) new readers! You can get through chapters 4, 10, 38. I know you can!

j said...

Visualizing the knobby tires on the writer's Hummer as it gears up! Vrooommmmmmmmmmmmmm on to infine chapters yet to come...

uh, maybe I should stop watching monster truck show outtakes...

(to infinity and beyond >>>>>)


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