Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week in New England

Ten things some of us did not know about the State of Connecticut:

10. The entire state is NOT, in fact, paved.

9. The Nutmeg State. Cinnamon wasn't available?

8. We traveled every day on Roast Meat Hill Road. Really.

7. I-95 North/South actually runs generally west/east in most of the state. This can be confusing for the navigationally challenged.

6. I am not navigationally challenged. But I wasn't driving. Some people should listen to their backseat drivers.

5. If you let the damn know-it-all driver go far enough the wrong way, you will see a sign that says "Massachusetts - 54 miles".

4. Nothing says "I told you so" better than a sign that says "Massachusetts - 54 miles".

3. Clam Chowder is still nasty stuff, even in New England.

2. It is impossible to have too much lobster.

1. A really beautiful place, but I'm very happy to be home.


Pam said...

You can't imagine how sad I am that I didn't get to experience CT with you!

Obviously, you went to the wrong place for clam chowder. Even I like clam chowder.

Patience-please said...

How can you not love clam chowder? HOW?????
Patience who grew up in western Massachusetts, 2 miles from Connecticut

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