Friday, May 16, 2008

Someday a Duck

In the lobby of the Really Big Bank Building where I work, Really Big Bank sponsors the decor including fresh flowers, artwork, and Solemn Security Guy who can tell you which block of elevators you need or the door code to the locked public restroom. Presumably, Solemn Security Guy also keeps a watchful, solemn eye on the branch operation of Really Big Bank and the two Exorbitantly High Fee ATMs that make their home in the lobby.

Lately, Really Big Bank's lobby decor includes advertising posters. I'm a huge fan of advertising posters. I particularly appreciate anything Art Nouveau, circa France in the late 1800's or so. Like Steinlen. However, Really Big Bank's ad budget doesn't seem to run to original artwork. Rather than "Tournee du Chat Noir" or "Clinique Cheron", Really Big Bank chose photos of happy families in circumstances that indicate their need for a loan from Really Big Bank. For example, the family with a graduating son holding up a sign that says "Ivy League". If the ATM is any indication, they will also pay an Exorbitantly High Fee for said loan, thereby stimulating the economy and enriching the coffers of Really Big Bank.

Walking through the lobby with my Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte yesterday, I did a double-take on one of the posters. It depicted a smiling man with BBQ tongs standing by a printed sign that says "Someday a Duck"

I pondered this as I made my way past Solemn Security Guy to the elevator. I have dreams too. My big dream that I'm "this" close to is to take a year off regularly scheduled life and write my book. But I have no desire to rely on any help from Really Big Bank, or any other bank. Nope, I'm gonna do this one on my own. I may cook my savings goose financially in this endeavor, but do it I will. I'm puzzled though, why BBQ Man needs banking assistance to cook his duck.

On my way home tonight I took another look. I get it now. BBQ Man isn't an aspiring author, and he's probably got burgers on the grill. What BBQ Man needs is a place to put the BBQ. Someday a DECK.

I like my ambitions better. Someday a Duck.



Anonymous said...

This is outstanding!! Really. Keep it up! I hate to admit, I check for an update around 20 times a day. Mona says Arf! xxxx0000

Jenn And The City said...

Geez, you can't tell that was Mamacita's quote above, can you? Mom can run my fan club when I'm rich and famous.... :-)

Patience-please said...

She'll have to fight me for President of the Fan Club! Ha! so there.

Chelsea said...

hahaha! "Someday a Duck" is a better ad than what I thought it said! When I read it, I thought it said "Someday a dick!" Glad I'm not the only person who mis-read that ad!

Jenn and the City

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