Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Monday Again

I return to Fun Monday after a couple of weeks of being sicker than a, well, dog and then being unable to find the host..

This weeks hostess is Mariposa. She wants to know about our "collections". This is what she asked us to do:

"Collections... We all have them...and if you don't, you just may not realize it. For some reason or another we all collect something and we collect it for reasons that will definitely make for good reading. So on Monday, I want to see your collection. If you don't have or don't want or CAN'T (wink) show us a picture, then tell us what the collection is in 10 words or less. Then tell us why you started collecting it."

The Inner Diva considered her fabulous shoes at first. But those don't define her. They don't speak to the reality of what it means to be Jenn and the City. They are a piece of it, true, but they don't really say anything about who she is beyond a shoe whore. Anyone can be a shoe whore.

So the Inner Diva was forsaken for the Recovering Blonde. The RB doesn't collect anything intentionally. But the RB struggles with her tresses. They don't have their own color (colour for our Canadian listeners) without Aveda assistance. The top half is straight, and the bottom has ringlets. The RB does battle on a daily basis with le coiffure (hairdo for our American listeners). Some days the hair decides to go curly, some days it prefers to be straight. It's always lost in the "frizz zone". Deep Sigh. Never do I feel that the look du jour captures the heart and soul of JATC. At least we know now that she isn't blonde.

So Jenn and the City collects whatever it takes to have a good hair day. Regardless of which follicular Sybil appears....

In addition to the tools of the trade, we have the product variety.....

Jenn and the City could actually open her own hair salon with all this crap. But much as I hate facing my indecision and inability to deal with something as simple as my hair, I have to love the freedom to just BE whomever emerges from the bathroom on any given morning.

And that can be really scary!

Visit Mariposa for the rest of the Fun Monday Collections!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh I like your take on this. My hair is equally annoying. I've just given up and let it curl for the moment. And I colour it myself so any colour issues are down to me, sighhh. Have a fabulous Monday. :D

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I thought that first pic was of power tools.

In a way I was right.

ChrisB said...

Now that is some collection, I would love it if my hair curled~ all mine seems to do is fall out by the handful~don't get old!

Alison said...

wow..that is alot of hair products...and I thought I was hair is just curly, all over!!

Meg said...

Hey, we recovering blondes need all the help we can get!

If you'd like to peak at my collection, some of it is in my header. Stop by.

Rachel said...

I would LOVE to have that collection!!!

IamwhoIam said...

If you enjoy go for it. I just let my hair do as it will, better people than I have tried to tame it and failed. Enjoyed your transulations.

Thanks for joining in

Pamela said...

after awhile you just cut it short and shake it after you shower.
You might as well, because you can't shake anything else.

Patience-please said...

I cut my hair myself becauseI can't find the time to go to a salon. Extreme polar opposites here. I do own a blow dryer, but it's in the guest bath. I have shampoo!!! It's a giant half-gallon bottle of something I got for $5...

Mariposa said...

I should go to you for help when my hair has a mind of its own!

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