Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun Monday #3 - Virtual Road Trip

Today for Fun Monday our "Hostess with the Mostess" is Alison at RDH Mom. Her assignment is:

"Welcome to the Vacation edition of Fun Monday. We are all virtual travelers this week and I am sure our trip will take us around the world!!! I hope everyone has their passport up to date and is ready to go!!!"

This assignment totally sucks for me because all my digital photos are on the "other" computer. The one that is still sitting in a box in my storage unit.
Actually, that doesn't matter. My favorite vaccies happen every April. For a week in April I get to leave real life behind and go with my good friend Linda to wherever the American Whippet Club is hosting the National Specialty show. I don't usually take my camera, although I did to Eugene this year. But every year is special in its own way, and leaves its own memories.

2000 - Greensburg, PA
My first trip to a National. 700 whippets packed into one hotel. I meet people and dogs in real life that I've only previously read about. Can you say "overwhelmed"? I met Patience (blog Patience-please) that trip.

2001 - Dallas, TX
We looked after Sanibel for Karen at this National. Sani came to be bred to Whispa. Later I would get a wonderful puppy from that litter, my first dog to earn his American Championship.

2002 - Denver, CO
My first experience at a National with a dog. See puppy mentioned above. I was too nervous, so I made Linda show him. He was second in his huge puppy class. I framed that ribbon.

2003 - Crystal Lake, IL
Another fun trip with Travis. He was second in his class again. That ribbon is with the other one.

2004 -Greensburgh, NC
A welcome respite from my divorce. Too far to take the dog, but we had fun shoe shopping!

2005 - Phoenix, AZ
The rest of my life was falling apart, but I couldn't miss a National! The first time I ever saw a cactus in real life.

2006 - Boston, MA
My first experience with fresh lobster!

2007 - I missed this one :-( Sometimes real life intervenes....

2008 - Eugene, OR
Where I picked up Tara the new puppy from a breeder I met in 2000 in Pennsylvania at that first show. My first time showing not only my own dog, but Becca for Janet too! I've come a long way......

2009 - Tara and I will see you in Atlanta!

Now go RDH Mom and take the tour with the rest of Fun Monday....


Alison said...

those trips sound wonderful, what a wonderful way to see the country. My good friend shows Chesapeake Bay Retrivers ( we got our puppy from her) and travels everywhere also!!!

Thanks for playing this week!!

Pamela said...

is that mixing business with pleasure or pleasure with business?

In any event.. you are a busy one!!

Patience-please said...

Too busy to be able to play Fun Monday this week, but if I had, we would have been twins!

Molly said...

In addition to seeing the country, you are participating with your friends. This does have the makings of great vacations.

Sauntering Soul said...

Sounds like y'all have a lot of fun!

I live in Atlanta so when you come down next year let me know if you need any tips on where to go, places to eat, etc. My boyfriend tells me I know all the good places to eat...if you could see the size of my backside you would know he must be right.

storyteller said...

What a fun thing to do! I'll bet Molly would enjoy participating in such activities. I suppose it would a nice thing for me to check that out on her behalf.
Hugs and blessings,

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