Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today on Fourth Avenue

Okay, city driving morons. The big truck with the lights and the sirens and the noisy horn? Move OVER when it comes up behind you. Fourth is a one-way street, pulling to the side of the road isn't that complicated - there isn't even a double yellow line to fuss about.

And pedestrians. For God's sake, if you hear a siren and see a big flashy truck bearing down on you, it DOESN'T matter whether the little walking man is lit up or not. You do NOT have the right-of-way in this situation.

Some judgment here peeps!


karisma said...

I see some things are the same world wide! Theres always a few morons getting in the way! Some people! Hey?

I will try and post more spring pics just for you! Its warm enough now to even swim at the beach although I have yet to get in the water, the kids are brave! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your heading said cats and dogs. If you want more cats, we have a family that have decided to move into one of our outbuildings for the winter. If I get a long butterfly net, I should be able to catch 3 orange kittens for you. Of cours, being orange, there is a 90% chance they are male, and the odor from 3 toms in the house might be more than you are really wanting.

jill jill bo bill said...

GREAT B&M. I hate morons!!!

Dan da Man said...

But i get so distracted by the perty lights i cant stop looking

Kristy said...


Rima said...

See, I'm exactly the opposite. I pull over to the side while the ambulance/fire truck/cop car is still a mile away and the other motorists get upset because I'm like, cramping their style. But I'm nothing if not a good citizen.

Patience-please said...

Just be glad you aren't driving in Rome. They. Are. Psychotic.
Love the new look of your blog! You go girl!


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