Monday, October 13, 2008

I'd Like to Buy a Vowel...

Someone needs to take the Seattle School District back to kindergarten. It came to my attention this morning that there is no longer an "F" grade. A few years back, for whatever socio-political correct reason, the "F" grade was abolished in favor of an "E" grade.

While this makes sense from an alphabetical perspective, does it really matter what letter comes after D?

Turns out the "E" grade also was abolished soon after its inception in favor of an "N" grade. Recently, the "N" was found to be a violation of district policy, so they're bringing back the "E".

In this case, why give a grade at all. Leave it blank. Blank can just mean, "you sucked at Language Arts, better find a career where you don't need tu no how tu spel".

Would you like a vowel with your Big Mac?

1 comment:

karisma said...

No! Clearly, I'd like fries with that! LOL!

All I can say is "hence the reason we homeschool".I still have one girl in mainstream school, she teaches herself, as her teachers are never there or cannot be bothered. She goes to school purely for her "socialization" there is no such thing as an "F" here, lousy grades still pass, reflecting on not only the lack of interest but the lack of "teaching". No worries here as the girl takes after her dad and is a smart ass! I have to keep reminding her that mama is just an airy faerie! Keep it light sweetie! He he!

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