Friday, October 10, 2008


I like to be funny. Cheerful, light-hearted. Plays in mud puddles, you know. Poignant is not my thing. Unless I can laugh about it too.

My friend D is in the hospital. The food sucks, but she's doing the Sleeping Beauty coma thing, so she doesn't care. She ought not still be in the hospital, but that's what happens when you go for routine surgery and there are "difficulties" with the anesthesia. I'm sorry, but "difficulties" with the anesthesia to me means that I need two shots of Novacain, not that I will still be in the f*cking hospital three weeks later in a coma.

I do not like this. In fact, it makes me downright grumpy. And sad, angry, frightened, pissed off, sick to my stomach, and anxious. I cannot begin to imagine how D's family feels. Especially her daughter. Who must be, I think, 12 or 13.

You are too young to die, D. We'd like to have your 40th birthday party so I can make YOU run around with the stupid black "over the hill" balloon tied to your wrist.

Wake up, sweetie. Please.


storyteller said...

Ah … I so identify with your opening statement because I feel (and usually choose to behave) much the same way no matter what’s going on in my life. That said … I’m sorry about your friend’s ‘difficulties with the anesthesia’ and am praying for her, you, and all those involved starting this minute. May she wake up whole and healthy very soon.
Hugs and blessings,

Deb La Monica said...

hugs. - deb

jill jill bo bill said...

OMG I am so sorry! That is so sad. Please keep us updated and know we will be sending our prayers and thoughts your and her way.

karisma said...

"Oh dear! I was about to say take her some real food but see she is not up for that as yet!" Please visit her lots and talk, talk, talk. Put your hands on her and give her all your love! If you want to sing, then sing, if you want to talk then talk. She CAN hear and feel you! Every little bit of love and happy thoughts help!

Big hugs and lots of positive energy heading your way! Remember! There CAN be miracles if we believe!

Anonymous said...

I heard about this last week. It breaks my heart.

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