Thursday, October 2, 2008


Welcome to my one-hundredth blog post. I think that calls for a celebration of some sort.

I'd like to have cake, but in spite of Helga I really can't afford the indulgence.

There's not going to be a bunch of party games. Party games strike me as fundamentally evil - how did whacking the effigy of an innocent animal or stabbing an ass in the ass with a thumb tack come to be considered celebratory?

Guess that leaves champagne. Except I don't happen to have any Dom Perignon kicking around. And my tummy's still a little queasy.

So lets all toast blog number one-hundred with a nice glass of fine Canada Dry ginger ale. And a big thank you to all five of my loyal readers! Loves ya!


Anonymous said...

We love ya back!! And hopefully you're feeling better soon!


just a girl... said...

new to your blog but happy fucking blog bday.

jill jill bo bill said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting! Happy 100. Can't wait to see the new design!!!

amelia bedelia said...

Hey! I'm your friend too!! I'll check back for the new design!!

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