Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stay Tuned...

While the Valley River Inn has made a fine substitute for home for the past week, it is time this morning to pack and go home. As usual, post National Specialty, I will be perfectly content to NEVER SEE ANOTHER WHIPPET besides my own for at least a day. Maybe two.

So this morning we pack up the troops and head back up I5 to home and family. But there are fabulous stories to be told.
  • We're Wining!
  • Bucket B1tch
  • That's Not Busy Bee!
  • Two Left Shoes
  • The Merlot is in my Underwear Drawer
  • Anyone want a Lexus?
  • Hey Sequet Serrrvice Dude, Thas My Room

There's probably more, but I gotta go pack! Stay tuned....


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