Sunday, April 20, 2008

Partly Cloudy, With a Chance of Snow, Sleet, Hail...

...and quite possibly the locusts again. The weather in Eugene so far rivals that in the Puget Sound Convergence Zone. The PSCZ provides the backdrop for the success of such clothing retailers as REI, Eddie Bauer, Helly Hansen, the North Face and is the official birthplace of GoreTex.

I need my GoreTex here and I didn't bring it. Silly me. I came to Eugene with a bag of Nordstrom shoes, my capri pants and my straightening iron. All of which can be tossed right out the door of the Valley River Inn into the swirling iceburg filled waters of the Willamette River.

The inner diva is outraged. She wasn't planning on needing 39 layers of fleece and a sub-zero class parka to take a puppy out to potty at 2am. Since said puppy is coming from Saginaw, Minnesota, said puppy probably is going to think the Willamette Valley is balmy at 15 degrees and want to frolic in the spring air at 2am. She won't be the least bit fazed by the sideways sleet. It is so hard to be fabulous when you're freezing your a$$ off.

Oh well.

6:32 pm Sunday. Sideways hail. I advise Beans that peeing is over-rated. Sistah, you don't REALLY want to go out there...fortunately she is J's problem.

6:40 pm. They're still out there. Beans can't find the perfect pee spot, and J won't give up trying to make her. Boys are SO much easier. They pee on the first available tree and you're done.

Patience, here is your booth. It is EMPTY. Beans is SO disappointed. She wanted more sock-monkey panties. You can't tell but the sign says "Patience". Safe travels here, and see you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

pics of the new puppy yet??

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