Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philadelphia Freedom...

So, in just over a week, my good friend Linda and I will attempt to fly to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she is judging the Continental Whippet Alliance National Match show. The trip equates to a Big Adventure. Linda and I have had lots of Big Adventures since my inaugural trip to the American Whippet Club National Specialty show in 2000, which oddly enough, was also in Pennsylvania.

Since 2000, we’ve flown together to Denver, Phoenix, Boston, North Carolina, Chicago, and Dallas. All Big Adventures. Sending Linda and I off together is a bit like crossing Thelma and Louise with Laurel and Hardy.

Our first secret to a successful trip is - pack EVERYTHING you own, because you never know what you might need. Our travels have taught us to never leave home without Mentos, a corkscrew, a flashlight, and some duct tape. Little Mayonnaise packets from the deli are handy too. The duct tape is a necessity, because should you need to tape together some folding chairs for the flight home and you are, let’s say, in a Wal-Mart in Toronto, you won’t be able to find any. Without asking a GUY where the duct tape is. And that is embarrassing.

Second tip – ALWAYS make sure you have your boarding pass. You can’t get on the plane without it. This actually happened during the second leg of a trip through Cincinnati. We were supposed to get our boarding pass at the gate, and instead got chatting with the pilot about flying with dogs and completely forgot to check in. In our defense, Cincinnati is the airport with posters advertising brain surgery at the local hospital. I think there’s something in the water there.

Third tip – Always pick up your luggage on the luggage carousel when you arrive at your destination. It will not jump off the merry-go-round on its own. No matter how long you sit and watch it go by, happily talking about something else, it doesn’t have the same owner attachment as your dog, and it will not leap off the conveyor belt in its delight to see you again.

Fourth tip – Beware of flights that take you to a layover point that is not between your point of origin and your destination. It makes no sense to fly from Vancouver to Ottawa to Toronto, nor does it make sense to fly from Seattle to Memphis to Dallas.

But that Memphis to Dallas trip deserves a blog of its own…


serenwhipety said...

Uh-oh! See what happens when you read a blog via a feed reader? You don't notice when the blog gets a pretty new design!

Feed reader or no, I'm so glad I read this post. Your tips are lifesaving!

Duct tape for folding chairs. Hmmm, I didn't even think of bringing a chair! Will endeavor to do so. Otherwise it will be a very long weekend and you'll all get very tired of listening to me whine about how footsore I am.

Boarding pass - gotcha.

Luggage carousel - no prob. I'm only checking my crate dolly (and, now, folding chair duct taped to said dolly!) and since I can't get the dogs until I get the crate dolly, I think I'll remember.

Layover stops only in a direct line between departure and destination. Dang, I'm so screwed. Seattle - Houston - Baltimore. Where were you when I REALLY needed you?????????????

See you in Nottingham! :)


Anonymous said...

I am truly jealous!!!!!  Hope you have a blast and can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories from THIS trip!!Janet

Patience-please said...

I think Paducah is on the way.

Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...

You forgot the helpful tip of not throwing laptops down escalators.

Swiftsure Whippets said...

We haven't flown together for almost two years and I'm almost afraid of what lies ahead... taking the red eye out of Seattle and especially the thought of changing planes in DEEtroit at 3 a.m! I'm sure this "adventure" will provide you with lots of food for your blog!

You HAVE to write up the Dallas trip - no one believes me when I tell them that story!

See ya soon. You travelin' buddy, Linda

surreyhill said...

Wow, now that I see you are a famous blogger, I feel kinda guilty offering you an airbed on the floor while your famous MADAME JUDGE travel companion lolls around the antique four-poster.

Oh well, it will be an adventure. I think I'll pack you two off on the potato chip tour on Friday morning.

That oughta be good for a blog entry. Go watch cheezy puffs being made.

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