Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Addition...

Today I am formally introducing Shannon. Shannon is Rob's daughter who has lived her whole life in Virginia with her mom. Various circumstances bring her to us now. We welcome her whole-heartedly and with open arms as she begins a new life in Washington.

Shannon came to give us a test-drive visit a few weeks ago and unfortunately had to return to Virginia unexpectedly due to a family emergency. This Thursday she returns permanently.

Shannon is much loved by all of us, but particularly the dogs and cats. It isn't unusual for her to wake up with all four creatures piled on her bed. That doesn't happen to anyone else here. She did draw the line at Ringo the fish - he's not her type.


Deb La Monica said...

Welcome, Shannon! Dogs and cats (and Jenn) have great instinct about people, so if you are well loved by all, you must be a good person. Doug and I (and the Whippets)look forward to meeting you. - Deb

Barb said...

Welcome to the West Coast, Shannon! We look forward to meeting you. Perhaps Jenn will bring you out racing. :-) The Fireworks Whippet Crew send you welcoming wags and warm whippet kisses.

Barb & Howard....2 of Jenn's Canadian Friends :-)

Patience-please said...

Welcome to Shannon.
Back to writing the book for me. I have no life. Not right now. Please forgive me!


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