Saturday, March 29, 2008

Silly Saturday

I’m sitting on the couch with the Nike again. A Saturday morning with no particular agenda is rare for me. I’m supposed to be cleaning the spare room. I keep twitching my nose, like Samantha in Bewitched, but so far the room still looks like Dorothy’s house post-tornado.

To further avoid getting my fanny off the futon, I thought of a silly game to play with my two loyal readers (thanks Mom). Actually, from the emails I get, I suspect there are many more than that.

Board games are popular here. Last night we played Balderdash, which is a word game where you make up definitions. The game offers a lot of great words no one has heard of, and their real definitions. I’m going to pick a word each Saturday, and use it in a blog sometime during the week.

Here’s the game. The first person to post a comment after I use the word of the week in the blog gets a free trip to Hawaii.

Ha! Got your attention, didn’t I? I had my fingers crossed when I typed that so it doesn’t count. (Try typing with your fingers crossed, takes about an hour to get through the sentence).

Seriously, the first person to post a comment on the weekday blog containing Saturday’s word can give me the next days writing assignment. I’ll tackle whatever the heck you want me to. A N Y T H I N G. Okay, yes that’s scary. But let’s try it.

The word this week is….drum roll….pulling the card out of the box at random….

Woppitzer (waw-pit-zurr): Gambling term for a spectator who not only has bad breath and body odor but comments on the game.

Really. I can’t make that up. And how the &$%#@ am I going to figure out how to use that in a blog?

I think I’m going to go clean the spare room. It’ll be easier than this.


Anonymous said...

Woppitizer is an Italian hors d'oeuvre...

- your buddy, Felix

Anonymous said...

When I first read it I pronounced it Woppitzer. That conjured pictures of WWII gun embattlements like seen all over Kodiak Island.

Once I pronounced it correctly Felix's idea was really funny.


Patience-please said...

Fun! I read and pronounced the word the same way as Pam... Interesting!

Anonymous said...

I am glad the blog is back from vacation. Your other loyal reader.

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