Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday, The Sequel

Movies I can’t watch because…

…bad things happen to a dog.

I can generally tolerate some violence in movies and literature, but Leave The Dogs alone.

Here I am holed up in the bedroom on my laptop because Nick and Rob are watching I Am Legend. And while I hold Will Smith right up there with John Cusack as a “must watch” actor, I knew something bad is going to happen to Sam, the German Shepherd after watching for about five minutes. Mind you, I'm NOT watching, so I Don't Know That For Sure. But I am sure. And I can’t stand it. Part of it is the curse of the Writer's Instinct. Because I KNOW that if I were writing that screenplay, I'd kill off the dog to create personal conflict. It sucks to not be able to watch movies or read books like a normal person.

To the topic at hand, I couldn’t read Sounder either. Never even cracked the pages of Where The Red Fern Grows. Wouldn’t even attempt to sit through Old Yeller.

The Butterfly Effect drove me nuts. I did kind of like reading The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be though. But I quit reading the Little House on the Prairie series for months when I was a kid when Jack the Brindle Bulldog died in By The Shores of Silver Lake. I think that was the one book in the series I didn’t own – I had the rest, but that one I visited in the school library.

Heck, I didn’t really like 101 Dalmatians – I worried about Cruella the whole way through. Don’t get me started on Turner and Hooch.

Am I too sensitive? Probably so. Would I change myself? Nope. This sort of sensitivity is part of the definition of Jenn. So I’m gonna watch Lady and the Tramp.

PS. Stay tuned for my FUN MONDAY debut…


kclynn89 said...

I repeat - do not watch "I AM LEGEND"...

Patience-please said...

Oh Bill just got that from Netflix. I will make sure I am NOT HOME when he watches it. In the novel I'm writing, bad things happen to the hero, a little dog whose character relies heavily on Mama Pajama for inspiration. Sometimes I can't write any more, and I have to jump forward or back and write of happier times.


Celeste said...

Sad but true: there is a horrific scene in Old Yeller....the wild boar does a nasty to the dog. I was reading the book when I was in 3rd grade and I fainted -- in class. When I came to, the teacher told me that I had to go home. I didn't want to go home (nerd child at a young age). I knew I needed to NOT finish the book. I don't think I ever did.....

Pamela said...

me neither. Can't watch cruelty of any kind -- specially to kids and dumb animals.

Not saying I believe in hell - but if there is one, there is a special place for those who perpetrate pain on the innocent.

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