Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Comes But Once a Year....

....starting right around mid-October, and lasting until January. Or so the Big Three Conspiracy (Hallmark, Target, and Macy's) would have us believe.

I'm a hold-out. I steadfastly eschew all thing Christmas until the proper time of the season, right around the 23rd of December. If I hear a Christmas Carol before Thanksgiving (particularly Carol of the Bells, which I love - AT CHRISTMASTIME - take that, Garmin) I will hold my hands over my ears and sing the theme song to The Flintstones to drown it out.

But today, at my local beloved supermarket, I found something that even a Grinch like me could love. Right next to the Bad Elf Lager and the Lump of Coal Stout, I found a holiday beer I had to buy. A great white porter. Called:

That's right. "Santa's Butt". Gotta have it.


Rima said...

I'm the same way about Christmas. I have to mute the TV when Christmas commercials come on before at least the beginning of December! But I would totally buy that Santa Butt beer!

karisma said...

Yep I can see why you caved! I would have had to have it too! LOL! Im with you though, could they not leave all the fluff until December at least? And then as soon as its January they have the Easter eggs out! Geez!!!!

The Daily Blonde said...

OMG that is awesome. haha..

I turned on my favorite radio station yesterday in the car and it is now ALL CHRISTMAS til Christmas. That is insane. Back to CDs I go...

Pam said...

Aj's comment....

Ha! I love it!

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