Friday, September 5, 2008

The Rest of My Life: Day 1

Today is the Big Day. My first official part-time day. Here I sit, at my computer, with my coffee, trying to decide what writing project to tackle first. I can:

a) plot book
b) outline Dogs In Canada article
c) do some marketing
d) do laundry

I have to remember that I'm technically not "off work". I'm simply self-employed. That lets out laundry - no one's ever going to pay me for doing laundry. :-)

I really should work on the Dogs article.

But I don't wanna. I like the book better. It's more fun, more frivolous, more creative. More me.

And it's all about me these days.


Deb said...

...and you rock.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news and long overdue! You're going to do amazing things now that you're freed from the shackles of the corporate BS world!


Rima said...

I hope you are able to fit a nap in there, somewhere!

Anonymous said...

okay, this is what I get for going to lure trials in BF Arabia and not reading the blog - you're not working, nope i didn't say that - you're not employed by an outside ... um, employer?

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