Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Are Not Alone...

It's come to my attention that I'm not alone on the planet of Blog.
I arrived on the good ship Wenatchee in December, having made the long voyage across Puget Sound via the ferry, en route to a new world. Well, a new job in Seattle anyway. That commuting story spawned the first blog entry.
Over the past few months I've gotten to meet other blogging women. Separated by circumstances, stage of life, and "as the crow flies" miles, our blogs bring us together.
  • I re-live the pain of divorce with The Rotten Correspondent, RC, who's just beginning that journey.

  • I laugh loudly, and then admire the vulnerability of Rimarama, a young stay-at-home mom with a wicked sense of humor and engaging style.

  • I relish the unapologetic, no-holds-barred, out-there-ness of Cheryl at The Daily Blonde. I wish I had those cahones.

  • I appreciate the wacky reliability of my friend Patience at Patience-please. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Of course, that would mean that Patience grew up first, which seems unlikely.

  • I keep in touch with my darling friend Vanessa through Three-Ring Circus Sideshow. What would I do without the V? V learned all our lessons the hard way. I learned the easy way. And so her stories will always be better than mine.

I needed to know these women YEARS ago. And they probably needed to know me.

RC asked recently who you'd want to play YOU in the movie of your life.


That's tough. RC picked Sandra Bullock. Good choice.

I'm still debating.

How about:

Love Jodie Foster. And she's got the spark and determination required... :-)


Okay, not a great photo, but I've always identified with Minnie Driver.

Picture Minnie trying to convince Tara to relinquish her latest chew toy - Nick's shin guard. Such a glamorous life...


Patience-please said...

Thanks, Jenn! The older I get the more that whole "previous life" stuff makes more sense. I think we were best buddies.

jamie lee for me, but that took years of convincing.

Cheryl said...

You rock. I am so glad that I have cohones. haha I'll lend you some if you need them...but I think you're so funny, there needs to be a blog meeting of funny, great woman at some point.

There's a site I am on called Alpha Women. You'd fit right in. I love it because I can leave anonymous confessions there (and some I don't want to be anonymous!).
Let me know if you join. Some of it's too intense for me (politics) but the ability to gripe is great. :)

Happy Weekend!

Rima said...

Wow, thanks for your kind words! This blogging sisterhood, it is amazing, isn't it?

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the mention. I think I might have final got my run at one thing easily. Stay tuned for relationship far this one is great and not going to prison!!! Love and miss ya!

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